Use of Church Facilities

** Please Note:  Saint Raphael Parish Buildings are not open for public rental.  They are used only for Parish-wide activities and/or Clubs within the Parish.

Reservations: Any facility can be reserved with the Parish Secretary  Monday thru Wednesday, 9 AM to 3:30 PM, in person, by telephone (781-488-5444) or by email: PLEASE NOTE: Parish/School functions take priority.                   

CancellationsThe Rectory office is to be notified if any function, game, meeting, etc. must be cancelled.  This allows another group the opportunity to use the space.

Please SIGN IN at the PARISH CENTER for ALL facilities. (Keys are picked up in the Rectory).

Rules and Regulations for the use of Saint Raphael Facilities:

  • An ADULT (one designated in charge of function) must sign for the key at the Parish Center, during office hours.  The key is to be returned to the Parish Center at the end of the function through the slot in the mailbox at the Parish Center.
  • The individual responsible for the key must also be instructed on the operation of the alarm system, to disarm and later re-arm.
  • The USER is responsible for SETTING UP and TAKING DOWN any needed equipment.  If chairs and tables are set up for the activity, they are to be taken down and returned to the appropriate place.
  • The USER is responsible for leaving the facility in a CLEAN and RESPECTABLE state…sweeping and mopping up.  Special attention must be paid to the KITCHEN area after use – Please make sure it is clean; coffee pots unplugged, cleaned and put away.
  • Any decorations must be done in a manner which does not cause any damage to the area.  NO tape or tacks are to be used on the walls.
  • Any group that prefers a paid service for set-up or clean-up should have the maintenance staff contacted.
  • After any use of any facility the lights are to be shut off, the doors closed andlocked and building alarmed.   Do not leave doors open at any time – for security reasons as well as loss of heat.

Areas will be monitored — facilities found not cleaned up may result in suspension of the group using the facilities.        

REMEMBER: The USER is responsible for the above requests and is to be the last person to leave the building.  You are responsible for the supervision of the children at all times.

SNOW DAYS:  If a storm occurs, the buildings will be unavailable for use.  This includes: “no school” days, snow days, holidays and school vacations.  No facilityuse also pertains to inclement weather on the weekends.  The walk areas and parking lots are to be shoveled and plowed and the custodial staff needs time to accomplish these tasks.

Volunteers…The names of all volunteers and documentation of their completion of a CORI and Protecting God’s Children Class must be passed into the Rectory before the season begins.

  • NOTE:  Closing times for the facilities is 8:00 pm.  All practices, games and functions must be completed at that time.

Thank you for your cooperation adhering to the above guidelines.