Religious Education News and Notes…

Classes:  ALL grades (except gr 2) – December 11th.

December 18th – will be the last class before Christmas.  Please keep up the good attendance!

Festival of Lights: Dec 11th – Grade 5 will attend the Festival of the Lights at LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro.  They will attend Mass, see Nativity displays from all over the world, walk the grounds viewing ever so many Christmas displays and view the magnificent site: Our Lady of LaSalette surrounded by a larger than life size Rosary.  The students will pray at this spot or Al Saint Raphael parishioners.  Special thanks to Mr. Jos. Panico, Mr. Bill O’Donnell and Mrs. Joan Tolson (gr. 5 teachers) for continuing this wonderful and meanifgful tradition!


Christmas Nativity:  Grade 3 students will present a “special” Christmas gift to the Parish on Sunday…Dec 18th at 9:15AM Mass: a Children’s Nativity.  Please come and lend your support.  It’s a wonderful experience filled with JOY!  Thank you gr. 3 students and your teachers too…Mrs. Brietzke and Ms. Mac Phail.