The Sacrament of Marriage represents an important step in the life of any couple. Like all sacraments, it requires spiritual preparation and it should be noted that a Marriage Preparation Course is required. A Wedding Ceremony also requires additional planning as you must reserve the Church and coordinate with the Music Director.

Making Wedding Arrangements

After your engagement the next step in preparing for Marriage is to make a personal appointment to meet with one of our priests. This must be done at least six months in advance of your desired date. You will also need to enroll in a Marriage Preparation Course. There are a number of options in this regard and the priest will work with you to choose one that is best for each couple.

Wedding Music

Please make an appointment, via the Parish Center with Ryan Lynch, our Music Director.

 All music selections are Liturgical and NO POP or Theatrical Music is allowed.All vocal and instrumental music will be gone over at this time, as well as other instrumentalists if requested.